Casual Yet Stylish….?


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Anthropologie-Citric Dress $398

I’m always excited to be invited to a party. I appreciate when they list the dress code on the invite, as it can be tricky if the event isn’t your average wedding or NYE party. So what do I do when the dress code is “casual yet stylish”??? I have no idea. I’m going to a new friends annual groundhog’s day party. This will be the 34th one he and his wife have thrown. Needless to say it’s slightly intimidating to walk into such an established crowd of friends who clearly understand what this new category of dress is. So I guess I’ll just give it my best shot. Here are some of my favorite ideas.

Breezy Beauty Dress

Modcloth-Breezy Beauty Dress $109

Forever 21-Painted Peacock Dress $27.80



Where’d you go…….

You’ll notice an 18mo. span between the post before and after this. Let’s just say that life got a little too busy to maintain this blog. When I decided to dive back in and revamp things I took out the more personal posts and tried to narrow my focus to things that are more about the beauty in life. So with that being said, if you’re new around here feel free to see what happened before this 🙂

Fun New Distraction



Do you miss the days of actually holding photos in your hands instead of scrolling through them on a 1.5″x1″ screen? I do. In highschool my senior year I ended up being the graphic design editor for the yearbook. But I stumbled into loving photography my sophomore year when I was taken into the dark room and shown how to develope film and print photos. There’s a great mystery to being in the pitch black and feeling for bottles of liquid, canisters, paper, counting the seconds, dipping sheets into pans of magic water…..and viola, you have a photo to hang dry. I remember dropping my backpack and shutting myself in the darkroom for an hour of silence, just going through rows of negatives….looking for moments.


So to the point, I’ve bought myself a new toy. A Diana F+, these little plastic beauties started as toys produced in Hong Kong in the 60′s. They didn’t really become popular until they showed up in thrift stores and grew somewhat of a cult following. They use 120mm film, which is hard to find but produces these amazing gritty photos. The kind you think of when you imagine coffee houses or Paris streets. The cameras are notorious for their light leeks and unpredictability but that’s what makes it fun. So if you see me staring off into space, wandering around….this is what I’m doing.

A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.  ~Ansel Adams,lomography

Gone for too long


I figured I better post something soon since I got a very concerned phone call from my mother yesterday, and a nice comment from a blogger buddy about my absence (thanks Megan). Our life was very hectic last week, it was Grey’s spring break so we went to Cincy for the weekend to go see the Dino exhibit at the Museum of Natural History and then we went swimming at the hotel pool and the next day headed off to the Creation Museum. Our kids definitely were exposed to the full spectrum of evolutionary thought, but I’m pretty sure all they cared about were the dinosaurs :-) .  I also started exercising this week, so between that and eating a little less so I can fit in my cute new J. Crew swimsuits,  I really don’t have enough energy at the end of the day to care much for blogging. Then Fri I got a bit of a sore throat that lasted through Sat., went to a baby shower Sat. night, Sun we got up and went to church, gave Grey and Vlad haircuts etc. We are just as busy this week with swim lessons starting, t-ball meetings, Passover, yoga, and then throw in normal life and don’t forget Easter! I should be able to post pictures again soon since we’ve finally located our charger at my moms house in Oklahoma.

So I will leave you with something I found too cute to resist, a “to do” list from Leafcutter Designs (some people simply must be admired for the creativity and imagination) 22,23,&27 are my faves.

1. Have a silent tea party with blindfolds so everything is served and shared through touch.

2. Cut a small slit in your pillow, insert your hand and feel the feathers, then sew it back up.

3. Pet a moth.

4. Type with your tongue.

5. Touch the tip of every spike on a cactus very carefully.

6. Spell sentences into each other’s palms with a finger.

7. Document sleep wrinkles.

8. Carefully pour a handful of sewing pins back and forth between your hands.

8. Remove and save every seed from the surface of a strawberry and send each one to a different person in an envelope.

9. Unroll an entire spool of thread onto your bare feet.

10. Choose a pair of pants and run your finger over every seam and stitch.

11. Have a friend select 10 garments from your closet and try to identify them all by touch with your eyes closed.

12. Arrange your socks into a kaleidoscopic pattern on the floor.

13. Hide dimes at the eye level of small children where adults won’t see them.

14. From memory, draw a floor plan of the earliest home you remember living in.

15. Draw a tiny picture of your personal superhero and tape it to your toothbrush.

16. Take a walk in a shape of your choosing – plot it out on a map either before or after.

17. When a child is sitting behind you on the airplane, turn your barf bag into a puppet.

18. Make paper airplanes out of your paychecks before sending them to your bank.

19. Collect carpet lint and then juggle it.

20. Write a message on a friend’s porch by arranging leaves into words.

21. Grow flowers in the basket on the front of your bicycle.

22. Replace a door inside your house with fabric and a really long zipper.

23. When guests come over replace your toilet paper with a little basket of leaves.

24. Hide notes to future readers in library books.

25. Leave jokes on paper for your post-person every day, each day providing the answer to the joke from the day before.

26. Plant a seed and camp out next to it, watching it every moment until it sprouts.

27. Glue wiggly-eyes onto your face on your driver’s license.

28. Perform miniature story slide shows with tiny hand-drawn pictures in front of a door peep-hole after knocking on a neighbor’s front door.

Color me surprised



I just took the Luscher Color Test that Seleta posted about today and the results were scarily dead on. I constantly tell Micah how stagnant I feel because we aren’t ready to move yet. I feel like this time in our live has taken waaayyy to long to complete. Anyone who knows me at all has probably heard some form of this before, but at least now I feel like I fall into a category and am not just going crazy :-)

PROBLEM UNDERLYING THE PRESENT STRESS — Feels restricted and prevented from progressing; seeking a solution which will remove these limitations.

DESIRED OBJECTIVE — Hopes that ties of affection and good fellowship will bring release and contentment. His own need for approval makes him ready to be of help to others and in exchange he wants warmth and understanding. Open to new ideas and possibilities which he hopes will prove fruitful and interesting.

CURRENT INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR — Distressed by the obstacles with which he is faced and in no mood for any form of activity or for further demands on him. Needs peace and quiet, and the avoidance of anything which might distress him further

Just a small brag



I’m so excited, at yoga practice last night I did two things I’ve never been able to do. I’ve never been athletically inclined, I’ll never do a perfect layup or ace a point, and to be honest I have arms like noodles. I’m pretty good at yoga though, I’ve got the flexibility and leg strength, but the noodle arms have been a problem. I’m getting stronger though because last night I did two things I’ve never done before. I didn’t hold them for long, and I did happen to face plant while doing side crane (because I was so excited that I did it), but the fact that I did it at all has me totally stoked. My teacher Erin is awesome, exactly what you would expect from a yogi, she fit, joyful, and very motivated. If you want to join me some night just let me know, doing yoga in an actual studio as opposed to a gym is like night and day and it’s definitely worth trying. Namaste!

Parsva Bakasana

Sirsasana II

A bright sunshiny day



The weather here is BEAUTIFUL today so in honor of that I wish I was sitting under this:
Mirasol Flaminco Umbrella
Mirasol Flaminco Umbrella

(Found on

on top of this:

Andalusia Double Chaise
Andalusia Double Chaise

(found on

when the sun sets I will sit inside of this:

A perfectly white screened porch
A perfectly white screened porch

On the screened porch, a Turkish kilim, made with recycled flour bags and flat-woven carpets, softens the limestone floor. Rug, Rugs by Robinson. Chandelier, Fontana Arte, (404) 835-6150. Pillows and birch logs, Max & Co., Atlanta, (404) 816-3831. Bowl, Christmas trees and ornaments by Roost. Round resin coffee table by Oly Studio.

when I get hungry I will go inside to this and open a bottle of wine and start dinner:

Perfect French Kitchen
Perfect French Kitchen

In the kitchen, dual islands reference a traditional French kitchen—one for prep and the other for pastry-making. The Calcutta gold marble tiles of the backsplash are carried around the windows and doors to unify the space while industrial pendant lights add a sense of casualness. Cabinetry, Morgan Creek Cabinet Company, (770) 975-9244. Pendants, South of Market. Tile and plumbing, Waterworks, (404) 266-1080. Built-in coffee maker, Miele. Range, Wolf. Refrigerator/freezer, Sub-Zero. Dishwasher, Bosch. Cupcakes, Star Provisions, (404) 365-0410.

Now wouldn’t that just be perfect?

Equal Opportunity


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I know I’ve posted countless girl nursery’s and haven’t ever done a boys soooooo I thought I better do one (just in case). Jen was over the other night and we were talking baby stuff and she commented on a cute elephant platter that I’d bought from IKEA and said it would be cute for a boys room. I was looking through my inspiration files for wee ones when I noticed that I’d saved some cute fabric from Paula Prass that coordinated perfectly with the playful pachyderms. So here’s how I would at least start a little boys room.

Alphabet Boyby Paula Prass $126

Here’s her fabric from the Flights of Fancy series and while I don’t like the namesake print (it’s cute just not my style) I love the coordinating fabrics.

Flights of Fancy Rain DotFlights of Fancy Rain Dot

Flight of Fancy Chinese FretFlight of Fancy Chinese Fret

FoF Garden Trellis LimeFoF Garden Trellis Lime

I think they make such a cute bedI think they make such a cute bed

The tray that started it allThe tray that started it all

These are the elephants that we thought were so cute, I think the set would look really awesome with a few of these embroidered onto the quilt and maybe the bumper.

She’s also got a really cute blog called Show + Tell where you can get ideas, promo codes,  and a sneak peek into her home life. I think she’s got the cutest laundry room ever, I love the paintings of her boys.

Paula's home laundry roomPaula’s laundry room

If you are fond of the the Flights of Fancy series it’s on sale at Quilt Home right now 15% off, just enter the code flight15, sale expires Sunday Mar. 8.

Dead Battery



Well our camera battery is dead and no matter how hard I search I cannot seem to find it. It’s driving me CRAZY!!! I have so much I want to show you. The boys as usual have given me a million reasons to snap a photo but I’ve also been embroidering like crazy, cute designs on their polos, squares that will eventually be turned into a quilt, napkins, and whatnots. I’m also going to attempt to make an overnight bag (Vera Bradley style) with the Eclectic Layer fabric from Tina Givens and I plan to line it in a supercute pink and white stripe.

Hopefully they will end up looking like this…

Hope Garden Miller Bag from Vera Bradley