Something to knock the chill off


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I don’t know about you but I’ve had a super stagnant weekend. I’m so tired of the cold air, dry sinuses, not being able to grill (can you imagine a good grilled steak…mmm), and a complete lack of motivation. So I’ve tried to inspire myself this morning and here are some things that really made me happy.

Augusta peep toes

August Peep Toe from J. Crew $225

Dressy jersey Grecian V-neck long dress

Dressy jersey Grecian V-neck long dress $98

Victoria ruffle cami

Victoria ruffle cami $88

Front Elevation

Beautiful European house plan 20-961 from

“A house is a series of layers that should filter experience in rhythmic and evocative ways.”   -Ross Anderson

I’ve always loved to look at blueprints and this one captures pretty much everything I want in our future home (except it’s a little too big, I don’t want to clean this much space).

Country living decorating in white

So many home plans have the dreaded “bonus room” above the garage and most people just stick a recliner or desk along one wall and make it some kind of multi-purpose (never used) room. I love the idea of turning one whole wall into a bunk room, a lot of coastal homes have them but most of us inlanders don’t see them alot. I think they would be great for slumber parties or when your parents visit, neices & nephews, etc.

I stumbled across this website while searching for photos for this post and was captivated,  Velvet & Linen. I got so caught up that I wanted to post ALL of them. But here’s one of my favorites.


Designers James Strickland and Suzanne Rester Watson


Visions of pink……again


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Disclaimer: I am NOT pregnant (just thinking ahead)

I’ve been thinking about what we would need to prepare for another baby. If things go according to the “master plan” this will be our last go round so I want to make sure I’m really prepared. We had so much fun not knowing what the sex was that I don’t think we’ll find out for the last either. So how do you prepare? I’m going to and buy all the stuff to make the bedding for both sexes. I already know how to decorate for a little boy and I’ve got enough leftovers from Grey and Gentry that I really won’t need much.  So I’ve been looking at little girl fabric and have totally fallen in LOVE with Tina Givens designs. So here’s the stuff.

This panel would be the front of her duvetThis panel would be the front of her duvet

this would be the back of the duvetthis would be the back of the duvet

I figure I’ll paint the walls a creamy yellow (that way it can go for a boy too) with a white crib and furniture. This picture captures what I want it to be.

Here’s the other fabrics that I like of her’s that I would use to make the crib skirt, bumper, curtains, pillows, etc.

Afternoon Play in pinkAfternoon Play in pink

Fairy Tiptoes Chandelier medalionFairy Tiptoes Chandelier medalion

Annabella LovebirdsAnnabella Lovebirds

Fairy Tiptoes Medalion in GreenFairy Tiptoes Medalion in Green

Chloe's ImaginationChloe’s Imagination

I think I’ll paint one of the little  chandeliers above her crib and maybe a ladybug or two around the room.

African ZazuAfrican Zazu

Here’s the crib I think is cute from IKEA (it’s only $139!).

IKEA Hensvik CribIKEA Hensvik Crib

Hemnes bedside tableHemnes bedside table

I like the Gracewood chair from Best Chairs. If you live in the Lex, KY area, this is where Nursery Time gets their chairs. I think the tufting makes it look feminine. The chair I bought for the boys a couple weeks ago is from Best Chairs and I really like the quality, plus they are half the price of Pottery Barn. I also think it’s neat that they will let you put a swivel/rocker base on any of their chairs and have a ton of fabric choices.

Nothing like a good book


 The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (Harper Fiction)

Wicked by Gregory Maguire,  since the book always seems to be better than the movie musical I’ve decided that I should probably read it since I thought the play was pretty incredible.

The History of a Cold-Blooded Love Affair

Diamond: The history of a cold-blooded love affair by Matthew Hart. I thought everyone loved diamonds as much as I do, but after talking to Micah he assured me that most women just love “pretty things” not the real history behind the industry. It’s been as awesome as any history/science/business/adventure novel I’ve ever read. It starts in 1999 with the discovery of a 76ct. true pink diamond in Brazil, then leads into  the geology of the Kimber Pipe where diamonds are born and John Gurney’s postdoctoral work that cracked the mystery behind them ( and the fact that DeBeers tried to keep it from being published!). I’m only on the third chapter!!!!

The Duet

The Duet by Robert Elmer. I’m only a chapter in but it looks like it will be a sweet love story from a widowers point of view.

I like to read a lot, and I like to have a lot to read. So depending on my mood and how much brain capacity I have I’ll pick I a book and escape for a few hours. There’s honestly nothing like a good book.

Fashion love



Thanks to Emily’s “fashiony” blog I’ve been turned onto a new shoe site…..mmmmm.

So here are some of my favorite finds from this Endless assortment of goodies.

Sugars Hyde Park Garden Wedge

Marc By Marc Jacobs 693172 Ballerina FlatMarc Jacobs Ballerina Flat

Chooka Little Apples Rain Boot

Luichiny Duchess Satin Sandal

Stuart Weitzman Gayle Tote Stuart Weitzman Gayle Tote

Stuart Weitzman Cluster Tote Stuart Weitzman Cluster Tote

MAXX New York Majestic Hobo

Kathy Van Zeeland East/West Shopper

Welcome back old friends



Our books have be in storage for years due to lack of space and boy have I missed them. Since Micah is out of town this week I decided to put on a chick flick, crack open a beer, and start organizing. I didn’t just want  to toss them up there so I separated them into stacks (baby/motherhood, crafty, foody, textbook, religious, poetry, arty, health, ect.) No I can sit and stare at my pretties anytime.

out of their boxes and ready to partyout of their boxes and ready to party

all tucked in for the nightall tucked in for the night

Little changes everywhere


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Because of the icestorm last week I started making small changes here, there and everywhere. You can only stare at your space for so long before you decide it must be dealt with. Then after spending all day Saturday in Cincy with  my neighbor for her birthday I found treasures all over the place. We went to the Gap outlet where I scored scarves, gloves, hats, and shirts for $.50/ea. (great way to start). Then we went to Jungle Jim’s where I spent $70 on groceries but it was all the yummy ethnic food that is soooo hard to find around here, like various Indian pickle, mustard oil, spring roll wraps and infused chocolates (for my Valentine.)
these will be perfect with some good wine
these will be perfect with some good wine

Then we headed of to IKEA to get a ton of stuff for our house and I’ll post about that later (when the house is clean). Then we went to Pottery Barn where I scored this super cute squirrel S&P set for $3.

nicknack goodness
nicknack goodness

Since we were at the mall and it took us forever to find a space we decided to put around a few more stores. I forgot what it was like to go in a store and not have to scan everything under 4ft. for insurance purposed and constantly utter “no touch”. We went in West Elm where I scored these silk pillow covers for $4/ea. and this cute little rabbit for $5.

screenprinted chaises on pillows
screenprinted chaises on pillows
my very own magic rabbit
my very own magic rabbit

Now to show you all the little things that have been done around here as a result of  10 straight days without leaving my cave. First I got in this adorable print from Etsy that I put in an unused frame next to my Nana’s old potato ricer up on top of our cabinets.

What's Cooking print
What’s Cooking print

Then I ran across this little hammered copper tile that Micah made when he was a kid. Our house is full of stuff that his dad, the kids, and I have painted and I really wanted to display something of his. I think it looks PERFECT added to our backsplash.

Copper swordfish tile
Copper swordfish tile

Remember the bookcase that was in our bathroom that I  said I was going to re-purpose, well I turned it on it’s side and painted on some legs to match our kitchen table and I think it looks really groovy.

farmhouse illusion bench
farmhouse illusion bench

Mom gave the boys this cute little wooden elephant I gave it a whitewash  and put it under the hall table. I just love the irony of a “white elephant” in the room (since there’s usually one anyway).

the white elephant
the white elephant

Since I started cleaning out the guest room while trapped by the ice I really wanted to get rid of anything we didn’t need, so I sold the boys old crib, then I started looking on craigslist for a new chair for their room (they had completely destroyed their old rocker).  I sold the crib for $75 and paid $80 for the chair so I like to think I actually bought it for $5…amazing deal!!! It’s a glider rocker and it’s so perfect for them, we had trouble fitting both of the boys in our lap during story time but this chair is the perfect width to fit them both.

Gentry and company in his new gingham glider
Gentry and company in his new gingham glider

Alternate light source




finished mirrorfinished mirror

Our kitchen really isn’t laid out to have a light directly over the table.  I’ve been wanting to repurpose this mirror for awhile so I decided to use this Blik design and paint in on the mirror. I’m going to hang it across from the kitchen window so it should reflect a lot of light. I still plan to paint the frame white, but I think I’ll save that for another day (I’ve got to start making dinner).

just getting startedjust getting started

I switched the picture to b & w to make it easier to see, I’ve still got to clean up a lot of fingerprints (but you get the idea).

Bathroom Overhaul


Last week I finally got around to redoing our bathroom. It was at the bottom of the list because on Micah and I see it, but I was finally at the breaking point. I just couldn’t stand it anymore. It’s a small bath but for the past couple of years we had been using this huge bookcase for storage, so I started with buying a new etagere. ( I plan on turning the bookcase on it’s side and using it as a bench for the kids at the kitchen table.)

Old bathroom had walls painted Crocodile Tear Green, dark overwhelming bookcase, green and brown shower curtain. It was just way to dark for me.

before picturebefore picture

We haven’t done everything I’d like to but I really love how things have turned out so far. I spent $100 on the new Shabby Chic Etagere, the shower curtain was $20, the paint was a mistint from Lowe’s that I got for $5, and the baskets are from, believe it or not, the Dollar Tree $5 for all. So so far we’ve invested $130 and I think it looks SOOOOO much better.

all fixed upall fixed up

All wrapped up



I fianally got around to making the kids scarves. I tried making Grey one a year ago but he didn’t want it. I was putting mine on the other day and he really wanted to wear one too. I put an old one on him and he wore it for hours so I decided it was time to try again. Gentry on the other hand won’t wear his, so I had to use Vlad as a model.

such a little mansuch a little man
such willing boyssuch willing boys