I figured I better post something soon since I got a very concerned phone call from my mother yesterday, and a nice comment from a blogger buddy about my absence (thanks Megan). Our life was very hectic last week, it was Grey’s spring break so we went to Cincy for the weekend to go see the Dino exhibit at the Museum of Natural History and then we went swimming at the hotel pool and the next day headed off to the Creation Museum. Our kids definitely were exposed to the full spectrum of evolutionary thought, but I’m pretty sure all they cared about were the dinosaurs :-) .  I also started exercising this week, so between that and eating a little less so I can fit in my cute new J. Crew swimsuits,  I really don’t have enough energy at the end of the day to care much for blogging. Then Fri I got a bit of a sore throat that lasted through Sat., went to a baby shower Sat. night, Sun we got up and went to church, gave Grey and Vlad haircuts etc. We are just as busy this week with swim lessons starting, t-ball meetings, Passover, yoga, and then throw in normal life and don’t forget Easter! I should be able to post pictures again soon since we’ve finally located our charger at my moms house in Oklahoma.

So I will leave you with something I found too cute to resist, a “to do” list from Leafcutter Designs (some people simply must be admired for the creativity and imagination) 22,23,&27 are my faves.

1. Have a silent tea party with blindfolds so everything is served and shared through touch.

2. Cut a small slit in your pillow, insert your hand and feel the feathers, then sew it back up.

3. Pet a moth.

4. Type with your tongue.

5. Touch the tip of every spike on a cactus very carefully.

6. Spell sentences into each other’s palms with a finger.

7. Document sleep wrinkles.

8. Carefully pour a handful of sewing pins back and forth between your hands.

8. Remove and save every seed from the surface of a strawberry and send each one to a different person in an envelope.

9. Unroll an entire spool of thread onto your bare feet.

10. Choose a pair of pants and run your finger over every seam and stitch.

11. Have a friend select 10 garments from your closet and try to identify them all by touch with your eyes closed.

12. Arrange your socks into a kaleidoscopic pattern on the floor.

13. Hide dimes at the eye level of small children where adults won’t see them.

14. From memory, draw a floor plan of the earliest home you remember living in.

15. Draw a tiny picture of your personal superhero and tape it to your toothbrush.

16. Take a walk in a shape of your choosing – plot it out on a map either before or after.

17. When a child is sitting behind you on the airplane, turn your barf bag into a puppet.

18. Make paper airplanes out of your paychecks before sending them to your bank.

19. Collect carpet lint and then juggle it.

20. Write a message on a friend’s porch by arranging leaves into words.

21. Grow flowers in the basket on the front of your bicycle.

22. Replace a door inside your house with fabric and a really long zipper.

23. When guests come over replace your toilet paper with a little basket of leaves.

24. Hide notes to future readers in library books.

25. Leave jokes on paper for your post-person every day, each day providing the answer to the joke from the day before.

26. Plant a seed and camp out next to it, watching it every moment until it sprouts.

27. Glue wiggly-eyes onto your face on your driver’s license.

28. Perform miniature story slide shows with tiny hand-drawn pictures in front of a door peep-hole after knocking on a neighbor’s front door.